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Annual Report 2019-20


Jnana Ganga Central School


" May be there is a road ahead of it,
May be there is a new world down the road,
Walking forth is the only plight,
Because we didn't come this far to come this far only "

A heart filled with aspirations is all that we knew since the very existence of the school and that's what gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavours. This report is comprised of the achievements made during the year gone by and at the same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come. The purpose of our education is to build up the child in a holistic manner, so that he becomes a fully rounded personality, developed in all aspects - mind, body, heart and will. I shall now Endeavour to show that we have been trying to develop the potential of our students along these lines. I shall begin with the mind, which has to do with academics.

  1. As a regular practice followed every year, this session began with the Orientation Programme for the parents of the students of classes Pre-Primary to X. The programme made the parents aware of the scheme of education we impart here at our school. Query-resolving session by a child psychologist illuminated the path of positive parenting. Mrs.Malathi , Dept of Psychology, Government college , Tumkur was the resources person.
  2. As a new endeavour, we took a giant leap in the examination procedure this year by replacing the conventional regime of manually prepared Reports-cards by the teachers with Computer Generated Report-Cards. This transformation minimized the efforts of the teachers to manually fill in the Report-Cards all by themselves.
  3. Making our students globally relevant is need of the hour and with the same idea, we introduced English communicative class in our curriculum since three years for Class III onwards.

With the sole purpose of updating teachers' knowledge, our teachers are made a part of the training sessions and workshops happening at other schools. The school regularly sends Teachers 'for Workshops. It is an attempt which inclusively engulfed various significant aspects like Moral Values; Life Skills by CBSE, English Language and Mathematics. Attendee teachers further share the knowledge with other fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom. The teachers are also learners and our teachers have constantly been updating their teaching skills. Our teachers have attended a total of 27 workshops in the last session conducted by the CBSE and various other organisations like Oxford, CBSE and the Karavali Sohodaya Complex

The true test of a school's co-curricular programme, is in its participation and meritorious performance when it comes to inter-school activities. I am happy to report that JGCS has participated in nearly a dozen such programmes.

  1. To take part is what counts in competition and lessons of victory and defeat are what we get in return. This environment was sufficiently created through inter-school, inter-house and inter-class competitions such as debates, Quiz, Rangoli, Declamation, Creative-Writing, Spelling-Bee, Rhyme and Rhythm, Drawing and Power-Point competitions. Our students took part in various inter-school and zonal level Competitions and brought laudable laurels to the school.
  2. Excellent CBSE Class X result, as always, filled us with pride and I feel honored to put forward the result of Class X here today: Out of 48 students appeared, 10 distinctions were recorded in all. Amongst the many aspects of the functioning of a school, Academics somehow remains in the forefront and I am filled with pride that session 2018-19 was truly rewarding as we achieved a spectacular result of 100% through all the classes. Our CBSE Board examination results for 2018-19 have been wonderful with a pass percentage of 100% being given by the 14th batch of class X. Our top scorer was Sparsh B.K scoring a whopping 95%. We look forward to a promising result this session too, and seek your good wishes as our 15th batch of class X appears for the boards.
  3. School bade Farewell to Class X Students with plenty of good wishes for a bright and successful future. Respected Sri B.G Ananthashayana blessed the students and advised them to be good throughout their life.
  4. Conforming to the guidelines from Directorate of Education & CBSE and to disseminate the message of a better habitable environment free of Pollution, with the same thought, a Cleanliness Drive under the programme of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was undertaken in the month of November where all the staff members and students cleaned the school premises and proximate areas.
  5. Promoting the harmony across all communities, Special Assemblies are conducted on a regular basis where all the Festivals irrespective of the religion & following are fondly celebrated.
  6. We are drowning in information and severely starving for wisdom today. Fortunately, we are empowered with demographic dividend knocking on our door. We just need to break the cocoon and let in the beautiful colours of knowledge. I am sure in the coming years; we shall successfully channelize the halo of the young minds to explore best of their abilities.

Towards the end, I thank the supportive management whose continuous support to our ideology of education has enabled the school to come this far. Teachers and the entire staff members also deserve applause for their tireless efforts in implementing the route map of imparting quality education here. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to the parents of our students who have shown unflinching faith in us by giving us the profound opportunity to transform their children into truly useful citizens of the future world. I would also like express my sincere gratitude to Mr. M.P Umesh Chairman, of the school for his tremendous support in all the school endeavours with a magnanimous spirit. I say this every time, but trust me when I repeat that we are indeed fortunate to have him to lead us to greater heights of success.

A word about, and to, the parents of our students: Parents, you have been simply fantastic in your cooperation and collaboration with the school in so many of its activities. Finally, I can hardly tell you how blessed JGCS is to have such a wonderful, talented and cooperative staff. Without each one of my staff members, it would be impossible for me to guide this ship of JNANAGANGA to its destination. Thank you so much, dear staff members, teaching, non-teaching and maintenance personnel. I think that if we at JGCS have achieved anything this twenty two year, it has been the result of tremendous cooperation on the part of everyone associated with this institution, but very especially the staff, who have strived might and main to mould the students into future shining citizens of India.

Truly, God has been so kind and gracious to us!

"Towards Excellence" is the motto that we have in mind when we take up any challenge and I think that our Annual Report has shown that our students have achieved a lot indeed. More, no doubt, can still be done… excellence in every field is our goal! One of my favorite leaders - President Obama said "Yes, we can", as part of his inaugural speech. I can safely say at the end of one year, not only "Yes, we can….achieve", but "Yes, we will achieve more." Thank You!

With that, let us foresee a world of universal singularity where our children are going to be the propellant of this change and the world shall be a beautiful place to live in..!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!  



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