An Institution Ahead of Its Time
Jnana Ganga Central School
Bellare, Sullia Tq - 574 212.
Dakshina Kannada district. Karnataka. India.
Tel: 9481909533 9449829233 8762350533. Email:




Jnana Ganga Central School

Jnana Ganga Central School is managed by Shikshana Ganga Trust, Bellare with the following members as the trustees.

Sri. M. Puttanna Gowda - President
Sri. M.P. Umesh           - Secretary
Smt. M.P. Gangamma  - Member
Sri. K.R. Gangadhar      - Member
Sri. K.G. Roshan          - Member


Chairman's Message:

The field and scope of the education system is truly a Dynamic one, always under constant scrutiny by education researchers and always aimed at producing result oriented reforms in the system. I believe that primary and secondary education form a vital section of value education seekers and that every effort has to be made to provide them a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum. Shikshana Ganga Trust, while dreaming of setting up a school ten years ago, was certain about what it wanted to offer to the children of tomorrow. Our sole objective continues to address the educational requirements of children from rural societies and to adequately equip them with skills that would make them responsible, global citizens.

Located strategically in an innocent rural setting, away from anti social elements, the school is coming to be recognized as an institution that not just caters to the needs of hard working rural children, but also to wishful parents from such backgrounds who want to provide for their children, the best of education that is available within their reach.

What we have been able to achieve over these years is truly enthralling. Today, Jnana Ganga Central School is a name to reckon with.

M.P. Umesh




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